About the ADBCAP

A red Vermont barn with a field of grass on a sunny day.

Two pigs in a barnyardExperts in animal science and veterinary medicine, agricultural economics, public policy, anthropology, adult education and risk communication are leading the ADBCAP inter-disciplinary biosecurity research and outreach project. Their focus is on enhancing biosecurity practices and strategies to reduce the impact of new, emerging or foreign pests or diseases of livestock in the United States.

Human decision-making and behavior play significant roles in the introduction, spread, recognition, reporting and containment of new, emerging or foreign diseases and pests. Emerging diseases of socio-economic importance have food security, food safety, and domestic and international trade implications for the marketing of animals or animal products.

Through engagement with project activities, stakeholders in U.S. dairy, beef, pork and poultry production will be encouraged to implement practices and policies that collectively reduce the impact of pests and diseases on our nation’s food supply.

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