December 2017 ADBCAP Newsletter

A farm in Texas, USA

Like the child conductor embodied in this sculpture in Mankato, MN, I enjoy leading this project with playful enthusiasm. Matt Myers assisted in designing and facilitating the project team meeting that took place in Mankato in June where the talents of the team were shared and celebrated. Plenty of opportunities were provided for team members to interact across disciplines. This led to productive discussions and solid plans for moving forward. Several members of the team joined advisor Steve Dritz at the headquarters of Christensen Farms (CF) for a visit and tour. We learned how their management team has integrated new layers of biosecurity into protecting the health of sows and hogs in their system. Based on the demonstrated potential for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) to spread through contaminated feed (or vehicles), CF created a tiered biosecurity designation of sites within their system and directs feed deliveries accordingly. We also visited one of the truck/trailer wash bays, which are an essential part of their system biosecurity program.

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