February 2017 ADBCAP Newsletter

Goats in a barn

Friendly. Fun. Focused. For me, these words sum up the recent meeting in Mankato. New members were welcomed. Relationships were strengthened. We laughed. We learned. We looked ahead. The stated goals for the meeting were to accomplish the following:

  • Assess our progress
  • Touch base on collaboration
  • Plan integration of cultural groups
  • Link activities to outcomes
  • Commit to next steps

To assess our progress, we held a “poster” session based on selected objectives.This brought us up to speed on (Obj 5) the progress of the development of learning objects (Jeannette, Jeanne, Susan K, and Ju-lie), (Obj 3c) the application of IDEA (Internalization, Distribution, Explanation, and Action) and TSCT (Tensions of Strategic Communications Theory)…

Julie Smith DVM, PhD, is a research associate professor at the University of Vermont. Julie received her B.S. in Biological Sciences, D.V.M., and Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition at Cornell University. Since joining the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences in 2002, she has applied her veterinary background to programs in the areas of herd health, calf and heifer management, and agricultural emergency management. She is responsible for teaching the undergraduate Animal Welfare class required of majors in her department. Julie has conducted trainings for Extension educators, livestock producers, and community members on the risks posed by a range of animal diseases, whether they already exist in the United States, exist outside of the United States, or pose a risk to both animal and human health. In all cases, she emphasizes the importance of awareness and prevention. As a veterinarian and spouse of a dairy farmer, Julie is well aware of the animal health and well-being concerns of dairy animals. She is currently leading the ADBCAP, a multi-species, multi-state project looking at the human behavioral aspects of implementing practices to protect animal health and food security.

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